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A Quick Guide to Astrafruit Partnership

The rise of the internet has enabled people around the world to pursue an income in ways that generations prior could only dream of. Careers in YouTube, streaming, and social media platforms in general have become commonplace throughout society. With the ever increasing competition in this space, it becomes harder to fight for consumer attention and build a large enough following to turn your content into a stable income. That's why securing a solid brand partnership is as important as ever if you want to propel your career forward. 

Partnership can provide you with real opportunity to get your name out, enjoy sweet perks, and make some decent money along the way. In this guide, we will cover how our Partnership Program works, things to consider before applying, and how to get the most our of your partnership.

What is an Affiliate Partnership?

An affiliate partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship not only between us (the Sponsor) and you (the Partner), but the consumer as well. Here's how it works:

  • We provide you with a unique affiliate link and discount code upon joining our Partnership Program which provides a certain percentage discount (10%) on our products.
  • You will then promote our products along with your discount code to your audience, fans, or friends as a product you recommend to purchase.
  • The customer is incentivized to use your code to purchase our products which have been recommended by you as someone they know and trust.
  • When a sale is made using your unique code, you will be rewarded with a certain commission (14%) for generating the sale.

This type of partnership is perfect because it allows you to generate an income for yourself directly proportionate to the value you add to the brand. It's a win-win-win for the customer, us, and you — everyone is happy! Not to mention that it adds a layer of credibility for you as a content creator.

Partner Rewards

We hold several types of events regularly on our Discord to provide additional incentives for our partners and reward them in various ways. We can tell when our partners are making the effort on their part, and this effort will be rewarded with things such as creating customized promotional graphics, promoting them in various and meaningful ways, collaborating on giveaways or custom emotes, and more! Partners who can exceed a certain threshold in sales will also be subject to exclusive deals and offerings, including (but not limited to) flavor collaborations.

Things to Consider

Before applying for partnership, here are some things you should consider:

  • Do you consume and enjoy our products? You can't effectively endorse a product you don't even use — you must be a customer and fan of the company and products you are promoting, or at the very least be willing and excited to switch to our product before considering partnership. Your effectiveness in promoting our product increases exponentially if your potential customers see you consuming and enjoying our products yourself. The credibility built by your own use of our products is fundamental to your success. Haven't tried Astrafruit yet? Use code TRYASTRA to get 20% off your first order.
  • Does our company make sense for your audience? It's necessary that you are aligned with a business/product that fits your space. It wouldn't make any sense to pursue a partnership that isn't relevant to your segment. Some perfect candidate audiences might include (for example): gym-goers, gamers, college students, music producers, artists, or astronomy enthusiasts.
  • Would partnership conflict with another existing sponsor? If you already have a partnership with another brand selling the same/similar products, either end your partnership with the other company or do not apply for ours as this does absolutely no good for any party involved. Exclusivity is a must! If you promote multiple logos and discount codes to your audience for related brands: credibility is severely diminished, your audience is left confused, and you do not get the most out of any of your partnerships. Do everyone a favor and keep your partnerships exclusive.

Be Professional and Polite

Now that you know what to expect and you feel that you are up for it, apply for partnership. We have an application made available on the Partnership page of our website. Think of this as submitting a resume. You can gain a leg up by providing a link to your website (i.e., your primary social media platform or linktr.ee) as well as any comments with details about your social impression numbers or things of that nature. Note that this is not a requirement, but can certainly speed up or help your chances of being approved.

Get the Most Out of Your Partnership

If you successfully secure a partnership with us, it would be a good idea to learn about our brand more by going through our website or Discord entirely (especially the "Learn More" section) and familiarizing yourself with our products and brand voice. Can you communicate effectively to your audience the benefits of our product? Why do you consume/enjoy it? These are things you should be able to answer on the fly and truly believe in. You will sound more authentic in your promotional efforts and build credibility, therefore increasing your success.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Make an announcement post — let your audience know about our partnership! This is something to be proud of.
  • Use our products and make your code easily accessible for your audience.
  • Share posts that we create, engage in comments, validate the product.
  • Generate excitement about new flavor releases, news, and sales — help spread the word!
  • Post about us regularly on your social media platforms. Try to be creative in your messaging, keep things fresh.
  • Utilize our Media Kit and promotional materials (i.e., social banners, stream overlays, etc). Don't have something in the kit you are looking for? Let us know! We can provide additional assets or even customize them for you.
  • Leave reviews for our products you use and enjoy.

Apply for Partnership